Mayfair Associated Investments deal with transactions ranging from early stage development and seed funding rounds through to late stage venture round, involving the issuance of preferred stock, warrants, convertible debt instruments, and secured and unsecured bridge debt. We can guide our clients through their investments to ensure taht from start to finish they have a clear and concise understanding and expert support through the development of the project.


M.A.I. and associated companies pride ourselves on our industry-leading skills, experience and market knowledge. With a proven track record off successful undertakings with our clients, M.A.I  are becoming a global powerhouse  within the finance industry.

Whatever your financing needs may be, our group of associated companies has the experience and capability to find a solid solution to fulfill them.

M.A.I and our associated companies can provide business support and advice to Clients seeking to invest their funds, and high-growth projects seeking financing. We can help Clients research potential funders and put our Clients with capital in touch with projects who we feel may be a good fit for their business needs. These arrangements are often mutually beneficial, with the project receiving the funding and expert guidance required, with the investor receiving a return on their investment(s).

Venture Capital is typically provided to early stage start-up companies with high-growth potential in industries such as bio-technology, information technology and manufacturing. Venture Capital instruments are generally made as cash inestments in exchange for shares in the company.

M.A.I are not limited in our expertise, and are proficient in providing specialist knowledge and support to ensure our Clients are investing their capital in worthwhile projects, and that Clients whom are receiving investment are aware of the appropriate legal requirements and potential benefits of receiving investment.

If you have a project which has high-growth potential then get in touch with us so that we can link you with Clients who are looking to invest.

Additionally, if you are seeking to invest your funds wisely and securely, please get in touch so that Mayfair Associated Investments and our associated companies can help.


For further information or if you have a general enquiry, you can get in touch with us using the Enquiry Form below.  Alternatively, if you know which service you require and would like a more formal conversation regarding this, please complete and submit our Online Application Form which can be accessed from the main menu under 'Contact Us'.


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