Mayfair Associated Investments understand the design, negotiation and implementation of equity structures to accommodate multiple rounds of financing, equity incentives and most importantly, significant growth. Because we understand the practices and expectations of the venture community, our in-house accountanct are equally suited to guide companies planning for venture capital.


M.A.I. and associated companies pride ourselves on our industry-leading skills, experience and market knowledge. With a proven track record off successful undertakings with our clients, M.A.I  are becoming a global powerhouse  within the finance industry.

At M.A.I we can guide our clients through the negotiation, implementation and successful completion of Joint Ventures; helping the business to undertake projects with different businesses on high growth projects.

Our specialist team can provide support in finding suitable projects for investment, and can assist our clients in the drafting and completing of various legislative and binding paperwork to ensure that the Joint Venture is undertaken in line with our Clients' needs and those of any applicable regulating bodies.

Joint Ventures provide multiple businesses the opportunity to reduce their risk liability whilst investing in high-growth projects. Mayfair Associated Investments can help to ensure that the projects our Clients are involved with will be beneficial to our clients organisation and in turn will reap the return of their initial investment plus interest; potentially with the opportunity for further investment for greater growth aspirations.

Joint Ventures are strategic alliances where two or more parties form a partnership in order to share their abilities for mutual benefit. This can include sharing intellectual property, assets like machinery, knowledge and fundmanetally, profits.

Joint Ventures are unlike mergers in that there is no transfer of ownership; two separate entities will remain their independence whilst working collaboratively on a single (or multiple) project(s) for mutual benefit.

We look to aid clients in supporting Joint Ventures for a variety of markets and industries, ranging from real estate developments, to humanitarian projects or Small/Medium Enterprise investments. M.A.I can cater to clients of most requirements; if you have identified an opportunity you would like support on, or if you have a project which would be of interest to our clientele, then please submit an enquiry to get in touch with one of our team.


For further information or if you have a general enquiry, you can get in touch with us using the Enquiry Form below.  Alternatively, if you know which service you require and would like a more formal conversation regarding this, please complete and submit our Online Application Form which can be accessed from the main menu under 'Contact Us'.


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