Mayfair Associated Investments and our associated companies consit of an array of highly skilled and extremely experience lawyers, accountants and finance experts, all working collaboratively to fulfill our Client's needs. Our teams possess specialist knowledge relevant to their own respective profession which our Clients are able to utilise to benefit their business' interests; we work with and alongside the best of the best to ensure that our productivity  and delivery on our promises on behalf of our Clients is second to none.


Mayfair Associated Investments and our associated companies work collaborativelty to provide a start to finish service for our Clients. We utilise experts in all applicable sectors to ensure that the service, advice and management services we provide are industry leading.

Our expertise rests on a solid foundation of extensive experience in project managing, asset management and platform trading.

M.A.I's associated companies highly qualified team are entirely focussed on ensuring our clients successes. We leverage our own assets and relationships with banks, governments and the private sector to secure financing.

We strategically raise investment funds through venture capital subsidiaries and associated trading companies; including brokerages which provide independent asset management services that are responsive to our needs, and are consistently working to pursue strong performance and results.

We work with the best of the best and our team and associates always go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that where Mayfair Associated Investments or associated companies are involved, the work undertaken is far exceeding our Clients expectations.


The directors of Mayfair Associated Investments Ltd each hold in excess of 35 years  working within the financial industry, specifically providing financial solutions for businesses and helping them to make investment decisions. The moral code and ethics of the directors has been held in consistent high-standing due to their traditional values and  'old-school' approach to business dealings. This in turn has helped Mayfair Associated Investments build a portfolio of honourable and prestigious clientelle, whom continue to grow and receive unquantifiably valuable advice and support.

Honesty and integrity is Mayfair Associated Investments underlying ethos; given the market the business operates in, emphasis is put on this mantra to ensure that all associated companies and employees uphold and respect the necessity to deliver to the best of their ability, whilst upholding the basic, fundamental principles of good businessmanship.

Mayfair Associated Investments (UK) Ltd - a Global Organisation