Sub-five million MTN (Medium Term Note) Private Placement Program




We can now offer to pre-approved Clients the opportunity to participate in a secured MTN Trade with Cleared Clean Cash funds from as little as £1,000,000.00 (one million Pounds Sterling). The funds are transferred under contract directly into a UK Chartered Accountancy firm Trust Account at Barclays Bank or HSBC Bank.The UK Chartered Accountancy firm has Professional Indemnity Insurance protection in respect of a breach of professional duties, services and/or advice provided by them. To put it simply, once the Client signs the S.L.A (Service Level Agreement) with the UK Accountancy firm they become a direct New Client of that firm from that point on any and all advice and services provided by them including receiving investment funds into their Trust Accounts which are fully protected under the above stated Professional Indemnity Insurance, making the Clients funds totally protected from risk.


The steps to follow are:


1) We will need the Clients full KYC PACK – which you can download from this web-site - together with a copy of the Client’s Passport and a proof of funds for our bank

     compliance since our bank will want to know who is behind the money. This information is for legal and anti money laundering rules and regulations.


2) Once the Client (and their funds) have been cleared by the banks compliance department, we will issue a Terms Offer Letter to the Client.If the terms are acceptable,

     the Client co-signs where indicated in the Terms Offer Letter and emails a copy back to us for processing. Within 36 hours of receipt of the co-signed Terms Offer

     Letter confirming the Clients acceptance, a P.P.P.A (Private Placement Project Agreement) draft, together with the S.L.A. will be provided from the UK Chartered

     Accountancy firm.If the terms and conditions are acceptable to the Client they sign where indicated and return a copy to us for co-signing.We will then return the

     fully executed Agreements by email direct to the Client, together with a copy of the Professional indemnity Certificate of Insurance for the Clients file.


3) The Client will also receive written permission allowing them to contact the Insurance Broker to authenticate the Professional Indemnity Insurance Certificate before

     the Client transfers any funds into the UK Chartered Accountants Trust Account at Barclays Bank or HSBC Bank.


4) Once the Client has transferred their funds to the UK Chartered Accountancy firm, the Client will provide a copy of the sent wire transfer slip. Upon the funds being

     received into the Trust Account the UK Chartered Accountancy firm will issue a formal receipt and email a copy direct to the Client for their file.


5) The transaction will start within 24 hours of receipt of the funds into the UK Chartered Accountancy firm Trust Account, as per the terms and conditions in the fully

     executed S.L.A and P.P.P.A.




Due to the fact that this offer is a Private Placement, the Client has the opportunity to reinvest their funds or compound the profits - subject to availability of MTNs (Medium Term Notes).



Required Documents to Participate


• Letter of Intent or RWA.

• Client Information Sheet.

• Bank Statement P.O.F

• Colour Copy of Passport.

• Corporate Resolution (Only if the Client is a Company).


(Corporate Compliance Pack   /   Individual Compliance Pack)


Due Diligence


Once the operation is submitted to our bank they will immediately proceed with the "Due Diligence". The Client and the submitted P.O.F (Proof of Funds) must not be connected to: The mafia, drug trafficking, weapons or any other illegal activity. Also, the Cash Funds must be good, clear and clean, with non-criminal origin and must be freely available for investment and under the Client’s signatory control.



Receiving the Yields


1-Due to the amazing profit yields that are generated for the Client projects from the above structure, our associated company can provide the following services upon the

     Client’s written request for assistance.


2- Once we fully understand all the Clients requirements we will issue a formal invitation.On the invitation the Client will be invited to a meeting with our tax experts who

    will provide the best structure to suit their needs. (If the Client is not able to travel then we can provide the same advice by email).


3 - Our tax experts can also provide an off-shore corporate or trust structure together with new bank accounts for the Client to receive their project funding profit yields.

If you want us to study your case in detail, please contact us by emailing your request to enquire@mayfair1.com




Personalized Analysis and Assessment


Our team of Economists, Strategists and Accountants will at all times be responsible for advising the Client in a detailed and personalized manner. Depending on the Client’s assets, each case will be studied independently and the best way to proceed will be proposed with the key intention of completing the operation successfully. Advice will be offered at all stages of the process as to the banking and corporate documentation that the Client should require/provide.



Submission of Documentation


The Client must provide all required compliance documentation for the submission of the operation:

The Proof of Funds can be a bank letter manually signed by two Bank Officials currently in charge of the Client's account, or it can be a cut-off statment - (these cannot be older than 5 banking days).


Contact and Presentation


Once the previous inquires are successfully completed, within a maximum of 72 hours we will contact the Client directly by telephone. The aim of this call is to inform the Client of the different options available to them.


IMPORTANT: Until the P.P.P.A and the S.L.A are signed by both Parties the Client is not under any obligation.







If the Client has Good, Clean, Cleared Funds in excess of 10,000,000.00 (ten million) then the Client can instruct their bank to issue a B.G (Bank Guarantee) with the company name - to be provided by us - as beneficiary. This B.G. can be pre-advised by SWIFT MT 799 and upon our banks response, confirmed by SWIFT    

 MT760. There is no risk to the Client.                                                                                                                                                                                                     



Minimum Investment Requirement 10,000,000.00 (TEN MILLION)


“ Agreement” Signature


After the Client and ourselves agree on the preferred procedure, the Client will sign the Agreement and send it to us via email with hard copy originals to be sent by registerd mail. Once the Agreement is signed and the assets are locked as per the terms of the Agreement, the transaction will commence within a maximum of 2 banking days.


Receiving the Yields


1- Profit yields will be disbursed as per the terms of the signed P.P.P.A and the S.L.A.



2- If the Client requests (in writing ) for us to set up a new bank account for them to receive in their profit yields the following will be arranged :


2A- We will issue a formal invitation to the Client. The Client will be informed of the day, time, place and bank venue where the pre-opened bank account

      will be located.


2B- The Client attends the appointment and proceeds to sign on the new bank account. 



pleasecontact our officesfor further information



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