The Private Platform Programs or High Yield Investment are private programs based on the purchase/sale of bank financial instruments (mainly MTNs).                      

These instruments are bought fresh-cut with a significant discount on their face value to then be resold at a higher price in the secondary market.                               The difference between the sale price and the purchase price is the trader/investors gain. These programs are offered to clients with high spending power and can 

only be executed by Traders with a license to carry out such operations. An important part of the returns are destined to humanitarian causes and to the financing of business projects. Therefore, any institution takes precedence on this type of operation.



The minimum amount to participate is €100,000,000.00 (ONE HUNDRED MILLION EUROS)


Basic Rules:


For Engaging in a Private Platform Program and sending Swift Messages.


1.The customer's bank must be a TOP50.


2.It can not be a bank from a Communist country.


3.The two options available to access a Private Platform Program are: 1. Cash 2. Any of the following financial instruments: BG (Demand Bank Guarantee), CD

   (Certificate of Deposit), MTN (Medium Term Notes), SBLC (Stand By Letter of Credit), SKR (Safekeeping Receipt). These instruments should have FULL BANK

   RESPONSABILITY by the issuing bank.


4.The asset or cash is not feasible unless the bank is based in Europe. Any bank from South America or Asia must be based in Europe and confirm the client's

   assets through a "Confirmation Letter" from Europe (For Example: London)


5.If your bank is not strong enough you can try to get a corresponding bank that is willing to issue a full bank responsibility on your banking asset.


6.If you are not the owner of the asset or cash, you can not enter into the program unless you are assigned to the bank account where the asset is deposited.


7.The asset will be blocked the time estimated will be in the contract. So before being blocked, your asset must have a reasonable life cycle (maturity date) that can

   be worked.


8.The bank must be able to block the assets through a Pre-advice Swift MT799 and Confirmed by Swift MT-760.


9.If the asset is gold, Hallmark documents must be provided



F.A.Q - Questions and Answers


How come so few investors know about these programs? Are they new?


These programs are not publicly known, and only a very small group of investors that own funds or Bank Instruments may have access to them -solely and exclusively by invitation-They are not new, they are more than 55 years old.


Are they safe?


The Private Platform Programs imply no risk for the investor. The purchase/sale of MTNs is "risk-free" provided that the Trader is guaranteed the exit to the instrument that was previously acquired.

If you are dealing with a real Trader, such exit will be guaranteed by contract and therefore there won’t be any risks for the investor. Before the start of the program, the Trader will "prepare" such program planning the future purchases and sales and knowing beforehand the benefits that each of them will bring. In a second phase the program will be run, which means carrying out the purchases/sales that were previously planned and negotiated with the cut houses.


Should I deliver or transfer my funds to the Trader?


On €100,000,000.00 (ONE HUNDRED MILLION EUROS) Plus Private Placement the funds will remain on the investors account. To carry out the program it will only be necessary to lock them This blocking will remain for the length of the programme. The investor must choose one of two available locking options:

Option 1: Swift MT-760. Or Option 2 :  The Placement of the Trader on the Client account.

You are not under any risk. Their presentation is imperative and important since it is the only way to check and verify the quality of the client’s funds or assets. In this business the investor always has to take the first step by providing the required documentation to avoid falling into the "soliciting" rules.

The POF (Proof of Funds) will be issued by the Bank where the investor has the resources deposited, demonstrating their quality and amount, but does not enable ANYONE to move them or dispose of them.


What procedure should I follow to deliver these documents?


Once all the required documentation is submitted (Corporate Compliance Pack   /   Individual Compliance Pack), we will proceed to verify the funds/assets that the client has submitted and to conduct the Due Diligence on the submitted file for acceptance.

Once these preliminary investigations are successfully completed, within 72 hrs, the Program Manager will contact the client for a formal presentation and also to agree on how to block the funds. Then, the investor will receive a Draft-contract to be signed and returned back to us we will then forward to the Traders office.


How and when do I collect my interests or profits?


Yields are collected monthly at the bank designated by the Client and or Trader.

The profit yield will be available for the client.


Can I partially or totally remove the invested amount?


The invested capital will remain locked for the length of the program.


How should my funds be?


Clear, clean and with a non-criminal origin. For every asset the location of the deposited resources should appear clearly stated by the bank in question. If at the time of verification, there is any doubt on this matter, the transaction will be automatically dismissed.


Can I ask for references from previous transactions?


NO, as it represents a violation of the Rules of Confidentiality and of the Non-Discovery Agreement.



Image 1: Graph of a Standard Swift MT760 Delivery.






The Draft of the Clients instrument will be one that the issuing Bank considers appropriate given the conditions that the client gives preference to, because it is the issuing bank itself that has different types of models for each case. The basic requirements that the Bank Guarantee must meet are the following:


• The asset must be placed on the customer's account,



• The asset must be completely available for the client.




• The asset should be workable via SWIFT (MT760 or  MT542) Depending on the type of asset.


• The asset has to be verified BANK TO BANK




DRAFT OF A: Bank Guarantee (B.G) Standard Model ICC 500/600.








DRAFT OF A: Stand by Letter of Credit (S.B.L.C)


The SBLC Model will depend on the agreement reached with the recipient. Therefore, This will depending on the agreement, the issuing bank issues a SBLC for the beneficiary based on the asset the client has provided. The SBLC must always be set by ICC rules 500 / 600.It's important to point out that in order to issue a SBLC and use it as collateral it must be Assignable, Divisible and Transferable.







DRAFT OF A: Proof of Funds (P.O.F)


Proof of Funds, also known as POF, Is no more then a bank document that certifies the client has funds. This type of document is valid for 5 banking days. This POF must be signed by two bank officials and stamped by the bank, stating that the cash is good, clear, clean and with a non-criminal origin.







DRAFT OF A: Certificate of Deposit (C.D)


Must meet the same requirements and conditions as any other asset.


• Must be placed on the customer's account with FULL BANK RESPONSIBILITY


• Must be Assignable, Divisible and Transferable.


Below we attach the standard model of a CD issue.

















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