In a business where discretion is paramount, our goal is not to place importance on being known to many, but on being trusted by the distinguished few. Our team are very proud to have attracted an impressive clientele over the years including medium, large and multi-national corporations and government entities, to identify just a few. Our mission is to provide entrepreneurs with result-orientated, project-specific business and project financing, asset management, trust services and credit enhancement, and bank proof of funds for maximum advantages and confidentiality.

Investments strives to become one of the most creative alternative project funding groups around today.

On special projects our associated companies and/or Trust will be willing to participate in a Joint Venture with the client, where our associated companies and/or Trust will use their own assets to enhance the client's balance sheet so that they will be in a position to move forward and fund their project.

Our accountants can advise clients on a range of structured products including credit, currency, interest rate, equity and commodity derivatives. They can also provide a global coverage giving customers access to financial products and expertise not only in the well-established markets but also in developing ones.

Our lending criteria is not only based on the project and it's location; it is also based on its innovation and future prospects. The ultimate goal is to empower entrepreneurs to successfully develop, expand, and stream-line new and/or existing projects for the benefit of the client’s company.

In short, we strive to meet and exceed our client's expectations and that is what makes our organization sucha dynamic and vibrant provider of Asset finance.

Mayfair Associated Investments Group is associated to several global financial service companies which are staffed by well educated professionals who are among the best in their field.

Corporate financial services are provided by Mayfair Associated Investments Group of Associated Companies which are global, financial organizations with a presence in all the major markets throughout America, North America, Europe and Asia
. This allows us to offer our clients the benefits of geographic spread, with first class market knowledge, and professional execution together with advice in a wide range of financing, trust, and management products. Mayfair Associated Investments Group's associated companies are independent, and they have a tradition of arranging and providing financial services and products world-wide.


We strive to deliver structured products in the way our clients will expect with exemplary service, maximum convenience and at a competitive rate - and to set the standard in helping clients. 

Mayfair Associate Investments Groups Business Principles

As a new global facilitator of arranging Private Placement, structured products, Finance, and Asset Mangement, Mayfair Associated Investments associated companies will maintain the confidence of our clients by meeting their needs and to always act with professionalism and integrity.



At Mayfair Associated Investments and associated companies, our people are the heartbeat of our business. We are totally dedicated and committed about what we do, whether it is putting minds together to help a client to make an educated funding decision, or providing management solutions to improve the overall project financial structure.

Mayfair Associated Investments was founded with an entrepreneurial spirit that is woven into our group's culture together with innovation at every turn. We have a strong global team that is based on firmly held beliefs.

We believe that our commitment to the interests of our clients will prove our value to them. We furtherbelieve that market place leadership is earned, not given. We feel that integrity is demonstrated by daily actions and that collaboration is the key to successful long-term partnerships.






This New Private Platform Project Funding Opportunity is based on the purchase/sale of bank financial instruments (mainly MTNs). These instruments are bought fresh-cut with a significant discount on their face value and then resold at a higher price in the secondary market. The difference between the sale price and the purchase price is the trader/investors gain. These transactions can only be executed by Traders with a license to carry out such operations.

We offer these programs to clients with the desire to make a difference. Mayfair use their profit returns to fund commercially viable projects which in turn fund our  global humanitarian causes.  (see below)







Sub-five million MTN (Medium Term Note) Private Placement Program 





We can now offer to pre-approved Clients the opportunity to participate in a secured MTN Trade with Cleared Clean Cash funds from as little as £1,000,000.00 (one million Pounds Sterling). The funds are transferred under contract directly into a UK Chartered Accountancy firm Trust Account at Barclays Bank or HSBC Bank.The UK Chartered Accountancy firm has Professional Indemnity Insurance protection in respect of a breach of professional duties, services and/or advice provided by them. To put it simply, once the Client signs the S.L.A (Service Level Agreement) with the UK Accountancy firm they become a direct New Client of that firm from that point on any and all advice and services provided by them including receiving investment funds into their Trust Accounts which are fully protected under the above stated Professional Indemnity Insurance, making the Clients funds totally protected from risk.


The steps to follow are:


1) We will need the Clients full KYC PACK – which you can download from this web-site - together with a copy of the Client’s Passport and a proof of funds for our bank

compliance since our bank will want to know who is behind the money. This information is for legal and anti money laundering rules and regulations.


2) Once the Client (and their funds) have been cleared by the banks compliance department, we will issue a Terms Offer Letter to the Client.If the terms are acceptable,

the Client co-signs where indicated in the Terms Offer Letter and emails a copy back to us for processing. Within 36 hours of receipt of the co-signed Terms Offer

Letter confirming the Clients acceptance, a P.P.P.A (Private Placement Project Agreement) draft, together with the S.L.A. will be provided from the UK Chartered

Accountancy firm.If the terms and conditions are acceptable to the Client they sign where indicated and return a copy to us for co-signing.We will then return the

fully executed Agreements by email direct to the Client, together with a copy of the Professional indemnity Certificate of Insurance for the Clients file.


3) The Client will also receive written permission allowing them to contact the Insurance Broker to authenticate the Professional Indemnity Insurance Certificate before

the Client transfers any funds into the UK Chartered Accountants Trust Account at Barclays Bank or HSBC Bank.


4) Once the Client has transferred their funds to the UK Chartered Accountancy firm, the Client will provide a copy of the sent wire transfer slip. Upon the funds being

received into the Trust Account the UK Chartered Accountancy firm will issue a formal receipt and email a copy direct to the Client for their file.


5) The transaction will start within 24 hours of receipt of the funds into the UK Chartered Accountancy firm Trust Account, as per the terms and conditions in the fully

executed S.L.A and P.P.P.A.




Due to the fact that this offer is a Private Placement, the Client has the opportunity to reinvest their funds or compound the profits - subject to availability of MTNs (Medium Term Notes).


Required Documents to Participate


• Letter of Intent or RWA.

• Client Information Sheet.

• Bank Statement P.O.F

• Colour Copy of Passport.

• Corporate Resolution (Only if the Client is a Company).


(MTN Compliance Draft Pack Documentation)


Due Diligence


Once the operation is submitted to our bank they will immediately proceed with the "Due Diligence". The Client and the submitted P.O.F (Proof of Funds) must not be connected to: The mafia, drug trafficking, weapons or any other illegal activity. Also, the Cash Funds must be good, clear and clean, with non-criminal origin and must be freely available for investment and under the Client’s signatory control.


Receiving the Yields


1-Due to the amazing profit yields that are generated for the Client projects from the above structure, our associated company can provide the following services upon the Client’s written request for assistance.


2- Once we fully understand all the Clients requirements we will issue a formal invitation.On the invitation the Client will be invited to a meeting with our tax experts who will provide the best structure to suit their needs. (If the Client is not able to travel then we can provide the same advice by email).


3 - Our tax experts can also provide an off-shore corporate or trust structure together with new bank accounts for the Client to receive their project funding profit yields.

If you want us to study your case in detail, please contact us by emailing your request to enquire@mayfair1.com






Credit Enhancement

We can arrange the creation and placing of highly structured credit enhancement and targeted risk capital products that provide efficient capital solutions for large investment projects. In each case, the structured product is tailor-made to efficiently mitigate risk and is integrated into the overall project financial structure.


Guaranteed Yield Private-Placement

We can arrange for a time linked guaranteed managed account, where the principal investment is totally secure. The investor will also receive a guaranteed minimum yield. If you are intrested please contact our office.(see the above Sub-Five Million MTN trade).


Asset Finance

Helping purchasers, lenders, lessors and lessees finance rolling stock and other big-ticket leasing; we also have a special in-house joint-venture stucture for funding Oil & Gas projects, Mining projects, commercial and residential properties (subject to acceptance).

Project Finance                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Structuring, privatizations, limited recourse and non-recourse finance..(see the above Sub-Five Million MTN trade).


please contact our offices for further information



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